SINCE 2006
BO Bowling has a unique design of Merchandise

BO Bowling Cooperate with the best Designers and Manufacturers to produce the best products for bowling lovers. Our Pin Lamps and Pins are handmade by our team. We recycle the old pins to make the unique lamps & trophies for our clients.



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    Beverly Fox

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    Our Locations

    Albi Mall, Veternik 10000
    Pristina, Kosovo
    049 241 251


    Galeria Shopping Mall, Tirana
    20000 Prizren, Kosovo
    049 171 001


    Albanica Mall, Marie Shllaku
    60000 Gjilan, Kosovo
    038 726 575045 454 389

    About Us

    Restaurants, Bars, 24 Bowling Lanes, 4 Karaoke Boxes, 8 Billiard Tables, 12 Darts and Ping Pong Tables.